Sovereign are one of the leading food packaging suppliers of quality disposable products to the upmarket coffee and food to go sector, with over 20 years of experience. As one of the first companies in the UK to stock paper coffee cups with drink-through lids, Sovereign has been at the forefront of the cafe culture boom in the UK and across Europe.

New ReCup – the paper cup that goes in any standard paper recycling bin Check it out

What makes Sovereign different?

We do things a little differently, here are some of Sovereign's unqiue offerings:

Central London Location

The central London showroom is great for customers looking to try out new concepts.


Rely on our global buying expertise to get the best prices for top quality products


25+ years of innovation and cost savings without compromising on quality


Order by 12pm weekdays and get delivery tomorrow.


The high street chains rely on us


Unrivalled expertise in all aspects of food packaging for every need


Eco Packaging at Sovereign

  • GoodLife only use materials derived from natural and organic sustainable resources that do not harm the world's food supply.
  • All GoodLife Eco packaging products are capable of complete biodegradation ensuring that they can return to nature quickly.
  • The GoodLife range has been designed to fulfil all the latest demands of the catering sector, are strong, reliable, safe and good value too!
  • GoodLife Eco products have full accreditation and certification for food contact, biodegradability and compostability.
Check out Goodlife

A trusted partner & our clients love us

Dependable … and committed to our customers

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    “We were really happy to find Sovereign in the run up to opening Urban Tea Rooms, as they were able to offer us the kind of smaller scale service that you need when first building a start-up. Instead of having to pay for and store 50,000 personalised coffee cups, we were able to order just a few thousand - a great help with cash flow in those early days.”
    Sophie Hudson
    Director at Urban Tea Rooms
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    “With so many other costs when setting up its very important to keep everything down but gain quality also. This was achieved immediately with Sovereign & before I knew it a perfect sample arrived for me to see.”
    Jason Oslar
    Director, Oslar Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

How do cup carriers work?

A cup carrier can hold and carry multiple cups as the same time. Check out our Signature cup carriers and see the indents in the cardboard to hold the cups so they do not fall. They are suitable for hot and cold drink cups from 8oz to 24oz sizes.

Why are pizza boxes square?

A square box can be formed from a single sheet of cardboard, and can be stored flat, and easily assembled in store. All these reasons make the square pizza box preferable over a form fitting circular one.

Do you supply UK caterers?

Many caterers all over the UK use Sovereign for their packaging supply needs.

Can paper coffee cups be recycled?

Depending on how coffee cups are made they are easier or harder to recycle. See our Goodlife Range for biodegradable cups.

Where can I get environmentally friendly packaging and supplies?

Biodegradable packaging decomposes, and many see it as the ultimate solution to the packaging waste problem. See our Goodlife Range for bagasse and other biodegradeable products.

What makes a good smoothie cup?

Smoothies are thicker than your usual drink so normal water bottles and straws will be challenged. A good smoothie cup will make it easy to drink and trnsport your smoothie. See our plastic cup range for some great smoothie cups.

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