Palm Leaf Range

Palm Leaf Plates and bowls are made from the leaves which fall from the Areca Palm Tree, indigenous to India, and are formed using only heat and water. Each organic plate is unique in colouring and texture depending on the leaves they are produced from, and this industry gives much needed work to many women living in remote parts of India close to where the trees grow.

Our high quality range is made rimless to reflect the latest in contemporary design and enhance both your food and table.

These totally natural products have zero impact on the environment as there are no additives and they can be recycled or home composted – even if they end up in land-fill they will totally biodegrade in less than 6 weeks.

Use with hot or cold, dry or wet, spicy and oily foods. Ideal for special events, catering, weddings – anywhere you want something disposable that is sturdy and stylish yet totally environmentally friendly.

Suitable for use in Fridge, Freezer and Microwave these can also be placed in the oven at low to medium temperatures for short periods.

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