Whatever kind of sheet or wrapper you are looking for, Sovereign has the complete range to hand. We carry a large stock selection of greaseproof, white, brown kraft, clear, waxed and foil sheets. We also offer a printing service, enabling you to personalise any sheet with your logo and cut them to the size that you require for a minimum order of just 10,000 units.

In the foodservice industry greaseproof and waxed sheets are cheap, hygienic and easy to use, they can also perform a number of important tasks whilst simultaneously enhancing your brand. If you are wrapping a hot or cold sandwich or need a sheet to go under your sandwich or burger then we have the right product for you. Our aim is always that your food and drink is presented in the best possible way to your customers. Our range of sheets come in a variety of thicknesses and finishes. Please speak to one of our experienced sales team to determine what is the most appropriate product for your needs.