Goodlife is our range of eco friendly moulded fibre products. All moulded fibre (Bagasse) products are made from pulped sugar cane, a sustainable and renewable resource. Bagasse is 100% biodegradable, microwaveable, ovenable up to 220C, impervious to cooking oil up to 130C, non-absorbent, and freezer-safe to -25C and complies with BfR recommendations XXXVI (including XXXVI/1 and XXXVI/2) as being suitable for use in direct contact with all classes of food including hot, moist, dry and fatty foodstuffs.

Available from stock in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and configurations to suit almost any use, you can confidently replace less environmentally friendly takeaway containers such as foam, plastic and metal with our Goodlife range.  More about Goodlife.