Introducing ReCup

ReCup is a new revolutionary paper cup that has come to the market in 2018. The ReCup looks the same, works the same and is manufactured the same way as a traditional polyethylene-coated paper cup except the reCup’s coating is engineered to be recyclable in traditional paper recycling systems. Therefore, the reCup paper cup is a valuable material for recyclers to collect and recycle into new paper products, just like conventional papers.

ReCup is available now from Sovereign in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz double-wall branded hot cups with print runs starting at just 5,000 cups per size and delivery in less than 4 weeks.

  • Genuinely recyclable cups are a new product only available in 2018 for the first time so the consumer is not well informed as of yet.
  • There is a huge push for recyclable technologies right now across the EU and large companies UK.
  • In the long run it will be a very cost effective solution and right now pricing is already very similar to PE given the ReCup resin doesn’t cost more than current PE resin. As future demand rises pricing for Recup will match current standard paper cup pricing.
  • It is backed by the major recyclers in Ireland. If the cup is put in with cardboard waste it will be recycled.
  • The resin is more dense than water so does not become a part of the “floating plastic in our seas” problem.