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If you are a new start up looking for quality takeaway packaging, Sovereign is the right partner for you. We have many years of experience supplying take-out businesses both big and small. We know what matters most to you and our new start-up service is tailor made to get your business up and running in a quick and cost effective manner.

We were really happy to find Sovereign in the run up to opening Urban Tea Rooms, as they were able to offer us the kind of smaller scale service that you need when first building a start-up. Instead of having to pay for and store 50,000 personalised coffee cups, we were able to order just a few thousand – a great help with cash flow in those early days.

Sovereign also helped us find other cost-effective solutions to our packaging, such as printing stickers with our logo on them for clear cups and carrier bags. This saved us from having to print all of these items with our logo, which would have been well outside of our budget before we opened.

We’ve been really happy with our packaging, and have had great feedback from our customers. It’s not only got a quality feel to it, but it is eco-friendly and comes at a competitive price – all crucial for any new business these days.

Sophie Hudson, Director at Urban Tea Rooms