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Venus has been a customer of Sovereign’s for almost a decade. All Venus locations are on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall and so it is vital that packaging does not harm the wildlife in any way. For this reason where possible we supply compostable disposables – all Venus coffee cups and lids, clear cups and lids, cutlery, napkins, bags and sauce pots are 100% compostable and can be sent to the nearest composting facility.The resultant compost can be then used by their vegetable supplier and so the circle is completed.

Going compostable does not have to cost a lot extra – our Planet Plus double wall compostable cups cost around 20% more than the brand leader standard double walled cup. We import all our PLA clear plastic products from Fabri-Kal in the USA – this is a lot better for the environment than shipping in from China, and their quality is unmatched: all this for only around 10% more than PET.

Sovereign have been key to our success in delivering a sustainable café chain. Sovereign’s commitment to sourcing what we need has been fantastic and has helped Venus achieve Queens Awards for Sustainability in 2005 and then again in 2010. On many occasions they have helped us create new to market products.

Michael Smith The Venus Company